Chromecrete Readymix is a supplier of ready mix concrete, plaster and mortar. Carefully proportioned mixes are used and can be” tailored” to suit all project requirements at the lowest possible cost. All concrete delivered will be tested on an ongoing basis by on-site SANAS approved testing facilities. Management controls in conjunction with the quality system ensure that products meet the required criteria at all times. Our products are delivered with the highest quality at a competitive price.

The current range of ready mix concrete includes but is not limited to the following popular products in today’s construction industry:

  • Standard Mixes
  • Pump Mixes
  • No Fines Mix
  • High Extender Mixes
  • Pool Mix
  • Screed Mix
Chromecrete Readymix will provide affordable products of exceptional quality in an environmentally friendly manner to its customer’s whist supporting the code of practice for the construction industry.
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